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Brændstof Additiver

In addition to our premium oils we are extremely proud to have developed what is surely the most comprehensive and highest performing range of Fuel Treatments available anywhere to even further enhance vehicle performance and protection of your treasured classic car.

The content of ethanol in today’s unleaded fuels can be a major issue with vintage and classic cars. A standard petrol pump can contain up to 5% ethanol without being labelled, in the future it could be up to 10%. Our fuel treatments are recommended and entirely suitable for all vintage, classic and classic sport engines previously requiring leaded fuel.

The typical problems caused by the removal of lead for classic vehicles include a lack of valve lubrication and the need in some cases for the use of hardened valve seats. The greatest risk however from ethanol in unleaded fuel is corrosion from the prolonged storage of fuel in the fuel tank. These issues can potentially cause a serious amount of damage and our treatment range has been painstakingly developed to eliminate these issues entirely, as well as provide enhanced performance characteristics. We consider that they are vital to prolonging the life span of cherished classic cars.

Did you know? Unleaded fuels now contain ethanol which can cause fuel system corrosion problems in older vehicles.