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Veteran & Klassiske biler

Introduction by Andrew Miller M.B.E.
In 1887, my great Grandfather, John W. Miller purchased what has today become Millers Oils. In 1889 he wrote to all his customers to thank them for past favours and stated that "The quality of my oil will be rigidly adhered to.”
Today, three generations and some 130 years later, as a member of the Miller family still with an active involvement in the business, I believe it is incumbent on me to ensure that this burning passion for quality and innovation is still the mantra that underpins all we do within our business. We have no particular interest in being the biggest, rather a driving obsession in being the best.

Regarding our new portfolio of classic oils, Millers Oils has over the years meticulously retained a very specific expertise in ensuring that our products not only meet but also exceed the lubrication needs of your treasured classic car and this is wholly reflected in the development of our new range of high performance oils and treatments which are painstakingly formulated to ensure that we have a valid and lasting contribution in ensuring the ongoing protection of the nation’s motoring heritage.
Our new range of vintage and classic oils seamlessly combine the very latest advances in lubrication technology together with the specific older viscosity requirements to ensure that your individual classic vehicle is able to operate at its’ maximum level of protection and performance.

This passion for innovation is clearly demonstrated in our Classic Sport High Performance 20w50 engine oil which combines a high quality base oil with the necessary additives, and also incorporates our multi award winning and globally revered Nanodrive™ ultra low friction technology from our state of the art motorsport suite of products. This oil effortlessly and instantly delivers a marked and immediately discernible increase in vehicle performance.

Surely the highest performing classic engine oil ever, anywhere, an instant classic if you will.

Thank you for considering a purchase of a Millers Oils classic product for your treasured vehicle, put simply, you could not make a better choice and please rest assured that today as always...the quality of my oil will be rigidly adhered to.

Andrew Miller M.B.E.