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Classic Motor Olier

As with the definition of "vintage” vehicles,  the exact date specifications are not set in stone for vehicles within the "classic” categorization and what is viewed as classic can vary between organisations, businesses and countries. In the eyes of HMRC a classic car is anything above fifteen years old, yet to many enthusiasts the age is at least thirty years old.

What cannot be denied is that without doubt, the classic vehicle market is today enjoying a global renaissance as more and more enthusiasts bring back to life more and more older vehicles, lovingly nurturing them back to their former glory, it goes way beyond just the restoration and preservation of the vehicle. Classic car owners in almost all cases repair and maintain their vehicles in such a manner that the original design specifications are meticulously adhered to. 

The portfolio of classic "Pistoneeze” oils have been designed, formulated and blended to offer the very highest levels of protection and performance for vehicles incorporating a modern filtration system.